What is PCUninstaller

PCUninstaller is a better, easier and faster way for you to completely uninstall any unwanted program that standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can't remove.PCUninstaller not only uninstall the programs, but also wipe out the left registry files. It will protect your PC from corrupted registry errors

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PCUninstaller Feartures

Effectively uninstall programs that could not be removed by the standard Windows Add/Remove applet, such as, Adobe Reader, AVG, Internet Explorer,Microsoft Office, McAfee, Norton and much more difficult to uninstall programs.

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I have many unneeded programs in my computer, and they eat up a lot of resources from my system. I try to remove them with Windows Add/Remove Programs, however it doesn't work for me until I try PC Uninstaller.

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Why Should You Choose PC Uninstaller?

PCUninstaller is a kind of excellent uninstall tool to help you uninstall any unnecessary windows programs. With its advanced and fast algorithms, PC Uninstaller will display all programs in the program list and analyze an application"s data your want to remove before the next step of uninstalling. Therefore, it is very safe for you to use PC Uninstaller to remove any windows programs because of its wonderful precision. Also, PCUninstaller is easy-to-use software for anyone even though you have no basic knowledge of computer. Furthermore, PCUninstaller helps you tune up your PC by removing junk files, duplicate files and invalid registry entries.

What can PCUninstaller do for you?

Resolve the uninstall programs.Check up and uninstall corrupted programs and remnants; List all programs installed on your PC;Finish the uninstall process within minutes;Provide special uninstall in safe mode for stubborn programs.